Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No New Years Resolution this year! Focus on one Word…my word "celebrate"

January 1, 2014

Decided this year to stop making resolutions that are forgotten by February and long forgotten by the end of the year.  This year I am choosing to focus on 1 word for 365 days.  My word is CELEBRATE!!!

For those who know me, you will be thinking, "really aren't you the one who plasters herself against a wall at a party and wonders when I can leave?"  yea that hasn't changed!!! Celebrate isn't the party word, but simply celebrating the small things in life that we often overlook as trivial which are really blessings from God and we should celebrate the small, not saying we shouldn't celebrate the big, but we don't overlook the big; like weddings, graduations, baptisms.  We do overlook the small; that first awakening in the morning when you are thankful that you are alive, that first taste of coffee in the morning, the glorious blue sky, the infectious sound of laughter…these are the small things I want to be thankful for.

My prayer is that remembering to thank God for the little things will help me to lead a life of gratitude.  So 2014 will be a year for me to celebrate!  Celebrate that I am a child of God, that I have a saviour who loves me no matter how I mess up!  To celebrate who I am and that I am enough in His eyes.  To do this I am starting by writing down at least 5 things everyday that I am thankful for…this shouldn't be too difficult to begin with…after all I am in Mexico enjoying the last 3 days of a 14 day vacation with the love of my life!!!!

Day 1 things I am thankful for:
Sand…natures pedicure
Sun, warm and comforting
fluffy white clouds
Christian music

Love and peace in Him...

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